Maintenance and Repairs

Regular servicing and maintenance of your cooling and heating equipment is essential. When your system is clean, efficient, and healthy, you will stay comfortable, keep your bills down, and extend its lifetime. Of course, we offer these services so you can relax and enjoy your day.


Now you know how brutal the summers can be on air conditioners. Repairs, when needed, are handled in a timely manner, as we carry most standard parts in stock. Other parts (such as OEM only,) are usually in valley at one of the many distributors nearby.


Looking to replace your cooling and heating system? Thinking of upgrading to a higher efficiency to lower your bills?


We offer a wide range of systems to meet your needs. Clean and professional installation of a new system will make you and your house happy and comfortable.



Residential Maintenance Program


Air Flow, Ducts and Design

Air conditioners deal with enough stress in the desert heat. When the cool air can't get to a room, or leaks out into the attic, the air conditioner works even harder to get the job done. Rooms get uncomfortable and energy costs rise.


From minor air flow balances to complete redesign and replacement of the ducting installation, we will keep the air moving, and you comfortable.


Building a new home? Constructing a commercial building? We can design and customize the HVAC systems to your needs and specifications.

We stand behind our work. We will assist you in the planning, installation and modernization of your climate control system, providing energy efficiency tips whenever possible.


To learn more about what we offer or discuss your climate control needs, please email us or call us at 760.449.6087


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