Refrigerant Lineset

The pipes that carry the refrigerant from the condenser to the evaporator and back. Very recommended replacement when changing refrigerants.



Lineset Cover

This cover, made of sheet metal and paintable, is used to conceal linesets, or other pipes, running down walls.

Thermostat Wire

These wires run from the thermostat to the furnace and condenser. They carry the signals that control the system.


Pressure Control

These controls helps prevent compressor damage from a variety of problems. Even though many systems do not include these safeties, they usually can have them installed.


Lockouts and Timers

Lockouts and timers are used to prevent compressors from running when they shouldn't be running. If a system doesn't include one, they can usually have one installed.


Condensate Overflow Switches

When installed, these will sense when a condensate drain has clogged and water is about to overflow. It will shut off the a/c to prevent water damage.


Mini Split Cover

Keep a ductless split's condenser covered and protected when not in use for extended times.


Condenser Wall Hanger

This allows the mounting of a ductless mini split's condenser to a wall.


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